Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Next Step

A lot of you have been asking when the shirts will be ready.  Soon.  If everything goes according to plan, the first two designs should be ready for purchase before the end of August.  I just need a little more input from you before we go into production mode.  First of all, the ladies' tee has been chosen, and it will be the Sugar Skull shirt.
The mens' tee is still up for grabs, but has been narrowed down to three.  I have cleaned up the designs a little, see below for images of all four shirts.  As a reminder, please note that shirts that appear on the black template will only be available in black.  The shirts that appear on a grey or blue background will be available in different colors.  Also please note that the shirt template I am using is just that, a template.  The cut of the shirt (especially the ladies') will be different.
Please look at the images and vote in the polls.
Big Logo
Sugar Skull Ladies'

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