Friday, August 24, 2012

Ready For Orders

Okay, I am ready to take orders.  As soon as I have enough orders to fill up the first batch of shirts, I will have the shirts made.  The shirts will be the Sugar Skull for girls (ladies' cut in purple) and the Big Logo (standard T in kelly green).  I know a lot of you have emailed and texted me what you want, but I would like to start the orders over from scratch so that I know I have accurate numbers.  It is first come first serve with this first batch and numbers are limited.  As the orders fill up, I will try to keep the numbers posted on this site so you know how many are left.  You can place orders either by emailing me @, texting me if you have the number, or commenting on this site.  After the shirts are made, I will take payment either by check, cash, or credit (over the phone).   I am trying to get paypal set up for this site as well.

There other designs and things beside shirts available now on my cafe press site at  There is a link to the right.  If you want one of the shirts that I am selling on this site, go through me.  It will be cheaper.


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